2016 ShanghaiTech Workshop on Emerging Devices, Circuits and Systems

2016 ShanghaiTech Workshop on Emerging Devices, Circuits and Systems (SWEDCS’2016)

SWEDCS'2016 is the first gathering of world-class experts in computing systems, and is sponsored and organized by the School of Information Science and Technology (SIST) of ShanghaiTech University (http://www.shanghaitech.edu.cn) that is jointly founded by Shanghai Municipal Government and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in 2013. ShanghaiTech University is a small-scale research university that will lead the charge in China's higher education reform by becoming a top academic research institution that is home to world-class research laboratories and faculty members.

This year, the workshop focuses on Energy-Efficient Computing. Today, energy-efficient computing is a key challenge for all modern computing devices and systems. This workshop gathers the most renowned researchers in the world to 1) discuss the state of the art and the future perspectives in the area of energy-efficient computing and 2) identify possible actions to develop the next-generation computing systems with orders of improvement in energy-efficiency. Related research areas include but are not limited to integrated circuits and systems (devices, circuits and architecture), software (OS and algorithms), applications (such as cyber-physical systems and Internet of Things) and neuromorphic computing.

The audience will mostly be young faculty members, post-doctoral researchers, graduate students, and final year undergraduate students in related fields from China and the Asian Pacific region. The workshop charges NO registration fee for attending. Please register here.

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Important Dates and Location

  • Notification Date: June 10, 2016
  • Workshop: June 30 and July 1, 2016
  • Location: Parkyard Hotel Shanghai, No.699, Bibo Road, Shanghai
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    ShanghaiTech Symposium on Information and Science and Technology

      Invited Speakers

      Deming Chen
      Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

      NSF CAREER Award (2008)
      ACM SIGDA Outstanding New Faculty Award (2010)
      IBM Faculty Award (2014/2015).

      Hao Chen
      Professor, ShanghaiTech.

      Tianshi chen
      Associate Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

      Founder and CEO of Cambricon Technologies Corporation Limited

      Tsung-Yi Ho
      Professor, National Tsinghua University.

      ACM Distinguished Speaker (2014-2016)
      IEEE CS Society Distinguished Visitor (2014-2015)
      IEEE CAS Society Distinguished Lecturer (2016-2017)
      IEEE Donald O. Pederson Best Paper Award (2015)

      Xin Li
      Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University.

      NSF CAREER Award (2012)
      IEEE Donald O. Pederson Best Paper Award (2013/2016)

      Jackson He

      General Manager of Intel Asia and Pacific R&D Ltd. and Intel Software and Services Group (SSG) PRC

      Ruonan Han
      Assistant Professor, MIT.

      IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society Pre-Doctoral Achievement Award
      IEEE Microwave Theory & Techniques Society Graduate Fellowship Award

      Peter Hofstee

      IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award
      IBM Master Inventor
      Member of the IBM Academy of Technology

      David Z. Pan
      Professor, The University of Texas at Austin.

      IEEE Fellow

      IBM Faculty Award (2004/2005/2006/2010)
      IEEE CAS Society Distinguished Lecturer (2008-2009)

      Shriram Ramanathan
      Professor, Purdue University.

      Nian X. Sun
      Professor, Northeastern University.

      NSF CAREER Award
      Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award
      Søren Buus Outstanding Research Award.

      Gu-Yeon Wei
      Professor, Harvard University.

      Li Yuan
      Director of Compound Semiconductor, SITRI.

      ShanghaiTech Symposium on Information and Science and Technology

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